April 2016




September 2015 Duke Energy Commercial! 


CONGRATULATIONS LEXI! Train Pawsitive’s Animal Modeling, Actor and Talent graduate landed a solo commercial with Duke Energy. They chosen Lexi over many other dogs. Another great experience and more adds to this gals resume! Lexi is just over 1 year old and her training is ongoing. Trainer on set – Michele Ryan. Lexi’s handler Rich Lancellot.  






September 2015  Florida Weekly Article! Read all about it!


This article is running in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Charlotte County and West Palm Beach issues.
Here’s a link below to the story.









January 2015 Fox 4 News, Naples, Florida


CONGRATULATIONS BAILEY & Understudy DUKE!  Train Pawsitive’s Animal Modeling, Actor and Talent Classes WORK!  Train Pawsitive’s Bailey got chosen for a national print ad. The best of both worlds an energetic Bailey 7 month puppy and a calm Duke 8 year old Golden.  Job with  Anheuser-Busch. Trainers on set – 1st trainer Michele and friend Dani.






March 2015 Naples Daily News, Florida 


Business Page: For Pets! March 20th,  Front & Page 2B

…..About we are a one of a kind business in town. Offering Dog Modeling and Actor classes, getting the dogs in print, theatre, commercials and video. K9 Performance Teams and offering Canine Freestyle since 1996!  About Michele being a professional dancer and performer with top names in the industry and, how this class is fun to do with your pet and your pet gets paid! 




2015 “I Love Dogs” Dog Modeling Secrets From A Professional



Michele and her student Lola in the AA&M class.




2014  Coastal Life and Parent Child Magazine

Stories on Train Pawsitive’s Dogs & Toddlers and Dogs & Storks Classes and Canine Freestyle (Dance With Your Dog)




November 2013  Michele and Train Pawsitive hosted the world renowned Dr. Ian Dunbar seminar in Naples, Florida for the first time ever.


Veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar is the author of numerous books and DVD’s about puppy/dog behavior and training. He taught the worlds first off leash puppy social and training classes. He is the founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and is the master of the masters.

























April 2012


Michele had the pleasure once again in 2012 to meet and spend quality time with Victoria Stilwell and her family.  Victoria is the National Ambassador of The American Humane Association and renowned dog trainer and star of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me Or The Dog”.   A fundraiser for The American Humane Association was held at Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club. 





March 2012  Train Pawsitive meets The Pit Boss


Dedicated to the Welfare of the Pit Bull Breed Shorty’s Rescue is a small and busy organization of pit bull owners, rescuers, and supporters. Shorty’s Rescue starting in 2001 when he rescued Geisha out of the Los Angeles Animal Shelter. Since then he has never looked back. Shorty has owned Pit Bulls since the mid-80’s and has found that this breed is as misunderstood as he is. In 2009 The Pit Boss was aired on Animal Planet and will continue into next year.  “Pit bulls have a bad rap,” says Shorty, “though they don’t deserve it at all. It’s what people have done to these pits or how they have trained them that caused this horrible misperception.



Shorty speaking about the important of responsible dog ownership


Michele Ryan and Hercules, Shorty’s service dog, an amazing Pit Bull

Michele Ryan, Shorty Rossi of The Pit Boss, and Juan, animal rescue co star.





2011  Meeting Victoria Stilwell


Michele Ryan and Victoria have a lot in common, both are in the performing arts business for years, (acting, dance, performing on stage) they turned their passion for animals and teaching into a career. Michele Ryan attends Victoria’s seminars and workshops throughout the year. Victoria is best known for her role as the star of Animal Planet’s hit TV series It’s Me Or The Dog through which she is able to share her insight and passion for positive reinforcement dog training. Michele Ryan is in the process of becoming a Victoria Stilwell Positively Trainer.

Michele Ryan and husband Rodney Chastain in the background left side, as Victoria Stilwell demonstrates some training skills to a shelter dog up for adoption from The Humane Society Of Naples’s.

Michele Ryan and Victoria Stilwell share some time talking about making a difference in dogs lives.