Success starts NOW! You can register for one or two sessions or The Complete Puppy Course for a discount. This is a comprehensive course that will guide your pup through puppy-hood and into the challenging world of adolescence. Save money by registering for these classes together! 


We follow the Renowned Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar created the first off leash puppy class specifically for puppies. These classes will be successful in bringing up a well mannered dog! * Pictured is Coco who graduated from The Complete Puppy Course, she is now a well mannered, Animal Actor, trick dog and AKC Titled! 




Puppy Kindergarten  –  For puppies 8-12 weeks old. 



House Training, Chewing, Barking, and Home Alone Problems (Separation Anxiety), Crate Training, Resource Guarding, Puppy Biting, Cuddle, Veterinary and Groomer Handling Routines, Calming and Puppy Obedience Training. Impulse Control, Settle Down and Training Games.  Safe Socialization: Socialization to People, Introducing New Environments, Calm and Confident Attitude, How to Throw a Puppy Party! You get your personal folder with all hand outs, support, video, e-books and more.  Call now for information – 239-682-3241  $150.00 for 6 weeks




PUPPY I – For puppies 12-18 weeks old. 


Puppy I is so much fun and hugely educational! Classes focus on puppy biting, socialization with other dogs and people, calming and handling, attention, basic obedience skills (come, sit, down, stand, stay, heel and walk on leash) and household manners (crate training, toilet training and chew toy training). Learn how to improve your puppy’s focus, speed of recall and length of stays off-leash, at a distance and when distracted. Learn how to introduce your puppy to people, places, dogs and new situations so that they thoroughly enjoy the company of all kinds of folks, especially children, men and strangers. Learn how to teach your puppy to play fetch, tricks and more. You get your personal folder with all hand outs, support, e-books and more. Vaccine: First two rounds of DHLPP or DHPP. The second round must have been administered after 8 weeks of age, but at least 5 to 7 days prior to the first session of class. $200.00 for 6 weeks



Puppy II –  For puppies 16-24 weeks or Graduates of Puppy 1. 


Much more challenging though, is to ensure that your puppy maintains bite inhibition, remains socialized and friendly to other dogs and people, and continues to pay heed to your instructions while working through adolescence. Training focuses on proofing verbal control without the need for food every time. Exercises include distance sits, settle down, rock-solid stays, and comes both off-leash and on-leash walking and heeling. Puppy 2 will help you teach your adolescent pup to be calm, attentive and responsive and to respond quickly, willingly and happily, especially when distracted. You get your personal folder with all hand outs, support, e-books and more. Vaccine: Proof of rabies vaccine or up-to-date vaccination is required. $200.00 for 6 weeks  (AKC STAR Puppy testing, ribbon, STAR Dog Trophy and Certificate)



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