“Proud Mom Of Two”

I own 2 dogs: Irie, almost 3 years old and Gypsy 10.5 months. Both American Pit Bull Terriers. I started  training Irie when he was about 6 month old. Michele started with us with in-home classes and after we gained a little experience and passed the star puppy exam, we graduated to the social pet classes which we still frequent on a weekly basis. 
These classes under Michele’s supervision have been the best training possible for both my dogs. It helps them get desensitized to other dogs, behave proper in public, be friendly with other adults, children and other animals and learn to be obedient in any environment.  Both my dogs have been awarded the Canine Good Citizen titles and I am proud to say, the little one, Gypsy, since we started training her while she was still in diapers, she passed the CGC test at 7.5 months old…No, my dogs are not perfect, nor am I…but without Michele’s classes I would have been a lost puppy.   Sincerely, Carmen Badan



“Another Canine Good Citizen”

Hi Michele!
I just wanted to thank you again for helping Rooby get her CGC!   We’re still working on all the stuff you taught us and she is getting better and better. 
Barry from Naples 

“Educated And Professional…”

Michele is an excellent will educated and informative trainer, we highly recommend her and appreciate her professionalism. ~ Sincerely, Josh, Ludmilla and Chloe from Naples


“Coming Back For More”

You have been doing an excellent job preparing me to work with Charley Champ. I’m so pleased with his progress. We will be back again soon. Lu Lu Belle, Leon, Charley, Jim and I miss your enthusiastic and clever teaching.  I Thank you, The Fur Family, from Naples


“Help With In Home House Training…”

Thank you Michele for helping us with Heidi and Joe. I have learned so much from your in-home training. You have taught me so much. You taught Heidi and Joe to sit, lie down, stay, pay attention, recall and some great tricks! You helped us with house training in such a short period of time wow! Your hand outs and “homework” has helped us stay with it. Thank you so much, it’s a great feeling. ~ Tayna F. from Naples


“Loves Positive Training…”

Thanks for coaching me to train my Pomeranian puppy the right way! Love how positive you are. I can tell you love what you do! I’ve been using your house breaking tips on him and he’s coming along nicely. We will continue training with you for a long time, thank you again Miss Michele. ~ Sue H. from Marco Island


“Clicker Training Makes the Difference…”

OMG I had no idea what “positive reinforcement” and clicker training was all about. I watched dog training TV shows, but I did not think I should attempt some of the moves this trainer was doing…. I’m glad I came across your website. You made all the difference in the world for Roxie! It feels good to have a dog who is well mannered, and it’s because of you! “Good job” ~ Matt V from Naples


“Canine Freestyle Is Fun…”

Canine Freestyle is so much fun! I have to admit, I was worried about the dancing part, but this is all about the dog. I’m make him look good! Bo loves the music, tricks and movement. We have great time in your classes, thank you for offering this fun stress free class. Bo can’t wait to show you his special “bow” Thanks Michele! ~ Terry S. from Bonita


“Help With Introducing New Dog…”

Dear Michele,
We want to say thank you for helping us introduce our new dog to our family! Thanks for making our children part of this excellent learning experience. Teaching them the correct way to pet, approach and assist in training was very helpful. We look forward in working with you again. God Bless. ~ Pat from Naples


“Our dogs are a big part of our family, and Michele has helped us keep our family together.”

“We do not live in Florida but I was referred to Michele by a friend, and fortunate to have her available by phone consultation.  I have never used phone training before, but tried it because I was looking for a behavior consultation for a specific issue, and I wanted a skilled dog trainer’s opinion and advice. From the beginning of our phone consultation to the end, Michele was patient, attentive, compassionate, funny, and most of all gave us the confidence we needed to know how to approach the sudden and unexpected behavioral issues we were experiencing with Charlie, 1 of our 3 boxers.  Since Michele’s consultation we have learned how to listen to and see Charlie’s behavior from a dog’s point of view, and we have gained the knowledge and methods to correct and control it in a positive way.  Our dogs are a big part of our family, and Michele has helped us keep our family together.” Lauren from Ohio


High Energy Pup Learns Calmness

Looking forward to Monday classes.  I am going to make sure I run Smoky for an hour before class next week. He was pretty amped up on Monday. He is showing great improvement and I am really enjoying the training process. 
Best regards, Neall  from Naples