The Original “Public Social Pet”  Real Life Training



Train Pawsitive Dogs


Our students have two words for classes, amazing results and so much fun! This class is open to any fully vaccinated dog. Take Your Indoor Training Outside Where it Counts! 



Teach your dog solid obedience and how to be calm around other dogs, new people and children.  Walking nice past everyday distractions such as joggers, bikers, vehicle traffic, strollers and many more real life situations. *This is a progressive ongoing class, setting both you and your dog up for success! We pick a different environments to train while teaching manners. Socialization is key to have a well mannered, confident dog! Training indoors and outdoors. 


Morning and Evening  Classes! Indoor & Outdoor training locations. 239.682.3241  Pre-registration is necessary.  $125.00 – 4 week class card *No pro rates