Videos Are Not To Be Used As A Substitute For Having A Professional Trainer.


Please call us if you are in need of help with training. Train Pawsitive is about safety first! Thank you and enjoy.  





Off leash beginner training / trick session with my rescue dogs. I started teaching boundary training/off leash. First video is teaching release by watching my body language and placement. Second take is focus with distractions a few feet away. Third take is Remi, this was her first off leash session, so I set her up for success. They both love walks, so I ended the session with a walking reward. 



 CLASS! DO MORE WITH YOUR DOG!  Tricks, Manners and more! Below is an intro to  Musical Freestyle. Tricks help build a strong bond, focus  and trust with your dog!  Now that’s Pawsome! Anyone can do this register today and have some fun!




Train Pawsitive’s Public Social Pet Classes are a hit! What a difference this class makes! Work your training where it counts…outdoors with distractions.




Dance! Join our FUN K9 Drill and Freestyle Performance Dance Teams! You can join just for fun or perform at events! Michele has been instructing and choreographing Canine Freestyle and K9 Drill Teams for over 25 years. It’s good to know the dog that barked was not one of our dancers! 

It’s Show Time!




It’s easy to work your 3 to 5 training sessions a day (no more then 1 to 5 min) when you make it fun! Pictured is Remington at 5 1/2  months, day three in her new home. Remi is already learning how to fetch, sit, down, stay, target and more! I’m using the tennis ball as her reward instead of treats.




Training Before Baby comes is a must!  Call us for help! Maximus and Chloe working “Place”, “Sit”, “Down, till release word! great job! If you are expecting and have a dog,  or have kids and dogs call us!